Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Disney World 2010

We joined my parents in Disney World this year for Ellie and Emerson’s first trip there. Ellie has been SOOO excited to go, and we were so excited to see it through her precious little eyes. I’ll try to limit this to the best photos since we took a bunch!

02_16_2010 086

On the plane! Emerson did so great in my lap. I thought that might be a struggle, but she did very well.

02_16_2010 091

The girls in their room in the condo ready to go!

02_16_2010 092

About to get on the boat to Epcot

02_16_2010 108

Our first character greeting. Ellie was pretty happy, but Emerson needed a little warming up. After this, she was golden, though.

02_16_2010 111

02_16_2010 113

02_16_2010 120

02_16_2010 126 

02_16_2010 134

The required mouse ears! Emerson wasn’t a fan…

02_16_2010 136

02_16_2010 141

The gorgeous Epcot at night

 02_16_2010 160

The giraffes on the jungle safari at Animal Kingdom

02_16_2010 164

Happy girl on the safari

02_16_2010 195

Having fun in the bone yard at Animal Kingdom

02_16_2010 197   

02_16_2010 201

02_16_2010 203 

02_16_2010 220

Lion King show – very well done!

02_16_2010 235

First day at Magic Kingdom on our way to the Princess Breakfast

02_16_2010 238  

Our princesses with Cinderella

02_16_2010 239

Ellie is on cloud 9!

02_16_2010 244 

02_16_2010 247

02_16_2010 248

02_16_2010 250 

02_16_2010 251

02_16_2010 254

02_16_2010 257

02_16_2010 262  

Ellie’s puppy dog. She wanted her face painted SOOOO bad, so we did. They she wiped it off within 2 hours! That’s why she looks so crazy in the photos that follow. Not to mention that it was raining really hard and we were all soaked.

02_16_2010 264

02_16_2010 267

02_16_2010 270  

02_16_2010 272

On Wednesday, we took a day off and found a hotel with an indoor pool. We all enjoyed the down time.

02_16_2010 274 

02_16_2010 276

At Disney’s Hollywood Studios on Thursday

02_16_2010 277

That’s Ellie in the middle of Sully

02_16_2010 279

02_16_2010 281

02_16_2010 287

Ellie was so brave – She rode everything! She even did the Tower of Terror! (She didn’t love that one, but she was still brave!)

02_16_2010 288

Our Little Einsteins and Mickey’s Playhouse character lunch at Hollywood and Vine – yum!!

02_16_2010 291

02_16_2010 294       

02_16_2010 301

02_16_2010 304

A quick jaunt to Downtown Disney for some souvenirs

It was a long Thursday for Ellie! And Emerson didn’t want to share her space – lol.

02_16_2010 314

02_16_2010 317

02_16_2010 322

Trying to stay dry on the carousel

02_16_2010 325

Playing on Tom Sawyer’s Island

02_16_2010 329

Meeting up with our friends who live in Orlando! They were so sweet to come hang out with us in the nasty weather!

02_16_2010 330    

Our sweet princess sleeping with her magic wand

We had a great time. Thanks to Mom and Dad for sharing their condo with us all week! We can’t wait to go again with the Cornwells next year!


Beck-O said...

HAHAHA! Those are GREAT! It looks like it was a great trip. And way to go, not letting the weather get you down. The one of Emma flipping out in her car seat made me laugh out loud. I'm so glad you got to go do that.

The Cornwell Family said...

AWESOME!!!! Just so awesome. And we have so many of the same pictures with our kids. We just love it!

Mrs. Brady said...

wow! it was a princess fest!! looks like you all had a great time. thanks for posting so quickly! the girls are getting so big, i can't hardly stand it. :)