Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Christmas 2009

Can you believe I’m just now putting Christmas photos up? I know – awful. But, nevertheless, here they are. I’ll leave the text to simply say that we were truly blessed and had a fantastic Christmas season!

02_16_2010 001

This is Ellie’s preschool class for Christmas chapel. She’s hidden in the back in this photo because we forgot to put her in her cute tree shirt. (Just kidding – she’s just squatting for some reason)

02_16_2010 009

Pin the ornament on the Christmas tree.

02_16_2010 011

Hanging with Uncle Mark at Wiebe Christmas

02_16_2010 019

Emerson in her cute jacket from Aunt Becka

02_16_2010 028

02_16_2010 036

Fritz and the girls

02_16_2010 037

White Christmas in Dallas!

02_16_2010 041

My sweet girls in their Christmas jammies – one of our Christmas Eve traditions

02_16_2010 045

Christmas Eve snow!

02_16_2010 049

Ready for Santa! Aren’t their little recliners adorable?

02_16_2010 051

Ellie Cinderella dress from Cookie & Crouchburger

02_16_2010 052

One of Emma’s favorite toys

02_16_2010 061

Ellie and her new camera – She LOVES her camera!

02_16_2010 063

Her “horn” as requested

02_16_2010 067

Her fairy wings

02_16_2010 069

Reclining – seriously, how cute is that?

02_16_2010 070

Christmas is exhausting… How many presents can I hold at once?

02_16_2010 073

A post-Christmas trip to visit Mamaw where we were blessed to also catch up with Aunt Better, Aunt Glenda and Uncle Charles!

02_16_2010 074

Ellie on her scooter from Fritz

02_16_2010 075

Emerson with her stroller from Fritz       

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