Monday, March 15, 2010

My Baby the Sky-Diver

So, when we were in Disney World, my mom wanted us to meet up with her cousin Marcus to go to an indoor sky-diving place. It’s basically a huge wind tunnel that you can fly around in. James and I were all for it, and they take anyone over 40 lbs., so we asked Ellie if she wanted to do it, too. She was all for it as well. So, Mom, Marcus, James, Ellie and I went and suited up and did our training. Ellie was excited and practicing her moves and everything. And isn’t she completely adorable in that getup???


We got into the wind tunnel area, and she finally started to get a little nervous. It was pretty loud, and I was impressed she had made it that far. I went first, and she watched me. And then we let the instructor put her in. At first, she seemed pretty excited:




But…it wasn’t too long until it quickly became this:


And the funniest part was that when we got back upstairs to change, she went to the instructor and said “That was COOL!” LOL… As long as she remembers it as a positive experience, I guess we’re ok!

Here are a few of me and James:



My dad made fun of me for smiling so big. Said it was the biggest smile he’d seen on my face all week – which was ridiculous and categorically false. :) I’m a happy girl – what can I say?




That was his face the whole time. This is his “concentration” face. :)


One more for good measure:



The Cornwell Family said...

That second one of James looks like his "I lost my dentures while I was skydiving" face. (Paul)

jocelyn said...

That Ellie is fearless! I can't believe she did it. What a big girl! Looks like lots of fun!!

Sarah said...

Zach would have never done that! How awesome for Ellie! Looks like a lot of fun.