Tuesday, December 9, 2008


So, life has been busy. REALLY busy, which is why I've been such a bad blogger. Not sure anyone has noticed except Brittney, but in case there are others here's a short one to keep you going.

I just put Ellie to bed, and she has started leading prayers on her own (so sweet!!!). She expects you to repeat after her, though, like she does after us. Here's how it went tonight:

Ellie: Dear Jesus (me: Dear Jesus)

Thank you.. (thank you)

Today (for today....)


Birthday cake



Emma's bed

Fa-ly (family)

Jesus name (in Jesus name)


If that's not precious, I don't know what is.....


The Cornwell Family said...

That is really sweet. And it is moments like that which make the tough moments all worth it!

And by the way...I often check your blog looking for new updates! ;)

Woodbury Family said...

So cute!! :) That Ellie is pretty sweet :)

Anonymous said...

that is very very sweet. The prayers of our kids seem to be very effective too! The other Sunday Jake was so excited after church that they had just learnt about the angle and Mary and how Mary was going to have a very very special baby! It melted my heart!

Beck-O said...

Ditto on the checking-for-updates-every-day thing. :p

And we can't wait to see everybody soon! Aahh!