Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sweet Girls

Not much new to report in Wiebe-land. We're all doing well.

James' practice is picking back up. He's still really enjoying his work and helps lots of people every week. He's getting a lot of clients from outside of the church membership. He has advertising online in some various places people look for counselors and it appears to be paying off!

I'm still getting used to my new work schedule. It's going well, but I've been working a lot. I think this week I finally got it levelled out a little better to where I'm supposed to be. I'm enjoying being back at work, though, and I'm grateful for such a stable job in such uncertain times lately!

Ellie is a complete blast as always. She lies in bed at night and just sings and talks to herself. She sings her ABCs constantly, and she has also added Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to her repertoire. She's definitely in an "I can do it!" phase. She often says "Ellie do it!" It doesn't look like we're too close to potty training just yet. I had hoped for maybe the end of this year, and I suppose there's still time... But, so far she just likes to sit on there for 2 seconds and not do anything. We'll keep showing her the Elmo Potty Time video and hope that strikes a nerve eventually. She definitely keeps us laughing. She was sitting at dinner last week and out of the blue just said "Mmmm. 'Licious!" Silly girl...

Emerson is also doing well. She turned 5 months old last week. She's still a really good sleeper. She goes through the night except for usually 1 pacifier re-insert. I'll admit that we are ready for her to give that up, but we're so blessed that we certainly can't complain. She gives us lots of smiles and is turning over both ways now and pushing up. She likes to sit, but can only do so with help so far. It's only a matter of time, though. She's a big drooler. People keep asking us if she's teething, and nothing yet. I'm hoping we still have a few more weeks before teeth, but you never know!

Here are a few photos until next time....

Such a sweet smile!

Those sure are some big feet she has!

Sweet sisters

Ellie and Brylie taking a bath

Our sweet 3 month friend Cole hanging out in a camping chair. "Sitting up? Ya, I got that..."

One other tidbit I neglected to mention above is that our wonderful stupendous fantastic friends Brad and Remy kept our girls last Saturday so that we could attend another wedding. Being the relaxed parents we are, they even took our girls out on a ski boat with our blessing! :) The girls had a blast, and Emerson was looking adorable with Brad's sister Emily.

Ellie was helping me work that day. I had to cut me out, because... "It was inapPROPriate!" *wink wink* (Not really - I just didn't like how I looked in my haven't-had-a-shower-yet state.)

This is what happens if we brush Ellie's hair.

Who needs clothes when you're painting a masterpiece with sidewalk chalk?

Emerson sleeps in a big girl bed now.

Just kidding! Who believed me? Fess up, now! Here she is all swaddled and ready for her crib!


Beck-O said...

I LOVE IT! I need to see them sometime-- soon! Great pictures. Ellie's got so much hair now! And Emma looks so much bigger! Man!

I knew you had to update again eventually! ;)

LOVE YOU ALL! Kiss the girls for us!

Kay Crouch said...

Great Picts! Super update. Cookie

Woodbury Family said...

Very cute pics!! I like the "inappropriate" comment - ha! :)

Anonymous said...

That is awesome that James is busy with new clients! Does he advertise on Craigslist at all? I get lots of piano students from there... completely different occupations, I know!
Your little gals are so beautiful, Amy! I see so much of their mommy and their daddy in them! Love it! We always knew you guys would make the cutest (ok- SOME of the cutest!!) kids. How is James doing with all that is "going on"? Thanks so much for letting me know. Wow. The memories of our small group are flooding me! Since that is really the only time we saw Mike. Remeber the awesome fondue? Remember Mike's impression of Michael W Smith?
Well- we love you and James very much. Wish you weren't so darn far away from us. I am dreaming of winning the lottery to come visit you sometime.... wouldn't that be great?
miss you-

Unknown said...

I love the pictures--Ellie's curls are precious!! The girls look so much like both of you. I really miss you guys and hope that someday soon we can get Emerson and Sarah together (they're only a month apart--they need to meet :))

Helen said...

Those girls are so beautiful. I'm excited for the day that my two girls are potty trained as well. They both will go on the potty but almost never tell me. It's only if I remember to put them up there.

It's good to hear that you're all doing so well.

Miss you around here.