Sunday, September 7, 2008

Suppose it's time for an update!

Well, we're still here! Sorry for such a long hiatus. Much has happened, I suppose!

James had a great time on his mission trip. He wrote a letter with some photos about it. You guys should pressure him to post them.

I returned to work a week after he got back. I'm working 5 days a week now, but half days from home on M/T. It's a big change, but I'm grateful to get to work from home and have more time with my girls.

James Granddad died at the end of August. We had already planned to leave the girls behind overnight (with our friends Brad and Remy) for a wedding. We found out the funeral was the same day as the wedding, so we dropped the girls off earlier and made a quick trip to College Station for the funeral. It was sweet and done well, and it was good to see the family. We were sad to have to leave to quickly.

We made it to Brooke's wedding in Austin on time, thankfully. She did it full of Jewish tradition and it was sweet, beautiful and fun. She threw a great reception party, and James and I even participated in the karoke!

We got back on Labor Day evening to discover that our kids had a fantastic time with Brad and Remy. Thanks so much for staying with them!!!

I left Tuesday for a work trip to Orlando, and James was a single dad the rest of the week. It was busy and stressful for both of us, I think, but all went well. I have one more trip tomorrow and will be home Tuesday night. This time to San Francisco.

We also started another session of FPU at church. James had to do the first night without me on Wednesday night last week. It's hard to do solo, so it will be good that I should be able to make it this week. With that, my work schedule, James' practice and our two sweet girls life is FULL!
Here are a few recent photos, and I'll try to do better about updating! :)

The girls in the cute Mexico outfits that Daddy bought them.

Ellie with Crouchburger out on the boat.

Emerson with Cookie asleep on the boat.

Emerson was dedicated on 8/18.

Isn't that a pretty dress?

Sweet girl....


Woodbury Family said...

What a sweet little dress :) Can't wait for a fun time with the girls tomorrow!

Remy said...

Brad and I absolutely loved staying with your girls! give them a kiss and a hug for us!

KirsieMarie said...

Oh, I hate that we are not there to get to know Emerson! They are BEAUTIFUL--and you look great, too!

Beck-O said...

I was starting to wonder if you'd ever blog again! ;) I love the pics. They have been ending up as my desktop background more often than not. Make me smile every time...

The Cornwell Family said...

Great pictures! They sure are growing fast. Life will just get busier! Keep up the good work.

ThePoeFam said...

YAY for the update!!! Loved it and all of the sweet pics!

Jessica and Matt said...

We need more Wiebe updates, please!!!

Helen said...

You're girls are so beautiful! I'm so glad that I can kinda catch up on what your family is doing by looking in on your life through the blog. I miss having you and the Cornwell family out here in the Northwest.

Oh yeah ... I tagged you. Check my blog for more information. ;)