Sunday, July 20, 2008

Time on the Boat and a Visit with Mamaw and Granddad

We're really enjoying our summer around here. Lots of time in the pool and on Mom and Dad's boat. Here's a picture of Ellie enjoying the tube with Daddy:

Emerson continues to do well. We moved her into her bedroom with big sister a couple of weeks ago, and she's also now on a 4 hour feeding schedule throughout the day. I feed her at 8:30 each evening and she usually sleeps until around 7am, which is SO NICE!! I feed her at 7 and then we all go back to sleep until between 8:30 and 9. Are we spoiled or what?! It's going to be a rude awakening when I go back to work! More on work below...

Emerson is definitely not quite as easy going as Ellie, though. She tends to not be happy with others for long, and she definitely has a fussy time between 6 and 8 pm where she's tough to keep happy. But, she's still a fantastic baby and we're loving getting to know her. Here's a photo of her first time in her jumper:

James' Granddad (his mom's dad) is ill. The doctors are saying he may not be with us much longer, so we made a quick trip to College Station where they moved last year to visit with them. We had a very nice visit and I think Mamaw and Granddad enjoyed getting to see the girls. One cute story was when Granddad asked for a pillow. Ellie was in the bedroom with James where the pillow was and offerred to carry it back out to Granddad. She did like a champ and Granddad was very grateful. Such a little helper! Here's a photo of the girls with Mamaw and Granddad:

And below is a photo of the girls with Aunt Glenda and Uncle Charles. They've lived in College Station longer, and we just adore them. Glenda is Mamaw's twin sister, and we were thrilled to see them even if it was brief:

Regarding an update on my work... When I went on maternity leave, I was on a 60% reduced schedule with PwC. During my leave, they've asked that I return at 80%. That means another 8-10 hours per week. Before, I worked full days on W-F and stayed home on Mondays and Tuesdays. My boss also changed during that time. I've spent much time in prayer over it and am happy to report that we've agreed that I can put in those extra hours from home on Mondays and Tuesdays as a general rule. I'll go in if needed on those days, but in general I can work those hours from home. We're going to try it for 3 months and make sure it works before making it permanent, but I'm confident I can make it work. I'm so grateful to still have those days with my girls! The extra money will be a huge blessing as well. Thanks to those of you who were aware of the situation and praying for us!! I'll return to work on August 11th.

Next week is VBS at church. James and I are both helping out, which means being at church at 8am all week long!! Our girls aren't going to know what hit them! LOL. I'm sure it will be a great time, though. Then on Saturday, James leaves for his mission trip to Tijuana, Mexico for one week. Please be in prayer that he has a wonderful time and is a huge blessing to the people of Tijuana. I have no doubt he will be blessed as well. If anyone wants to come around or get together that week to keep me company, I'd love it! We'll definitely miss the Daddy around here!

While our lives are certainly not perfect and conflict does exist from time to time, I'm overwhelmed this summer by how blessed we are. I have an amazing best friend in my husband James who is also a completely fantastic father. We have two beautiful girls who bring us immeasurable joy. We have amazing friends both here in Dallas and beyond with some newer friendships growing especially in our LifeGroup. And God's blessings are pouring out both financially and professionally for us both. As we sang in church just this morning "How Great is Our God!"

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