Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fun on the Boat, with the Cornwells, and the 4th of July

Well, following our big trip, James had 2 days at home before he left for a conference in San Francisco. He had a great time, but we missed him a lot here.

Aunt Jen got the girls some super cute matching dresses. They wore them last Sunday:

I also put Emerson into her Exersaucer for the first time last week:

Here's Emerson swimming:
On Monday, we went out on dad's boat with the Cornwells. The kids loved the water and had fun riding on the tube off the back of the boat. Here are a couple of photos. Keep in mind that since I was alone with the two girls, I wasn't snapping photos as much as I would have liked!

Cute photo of Ellie sleeping:

My friends Carrie and Libby both had their babies around the time of our trip. James Coleman Rogers (far right) was born on June 18th, and Noah Benjamin Faulkner (middle) was born on June 28th. Despite Emerson's demeanor in the below photo, we were all thrilled to meet them!

We went out on Dad's boat with Jessica and Matt on the 4th of July. We had a fantastic time, but alas I didn't get any photos. We swam and ate and relaxed and got to watch tons of fireworks from the water. The reflections off the lake were fantastic. What a blessing to get to watch from there!

James came home on Sunday, and we're happy to have him back. Ellie and Emerson both did great while he was gone and continue to do well. Emerson sleeps from 9pm to between 6 and 7:30am these days which is fantastic. We also started putting them to sleep in their room together recently which is going well. They don't seem to bother each other so far. We're spending tons of time in the pool this summer, and Ellie is turning SO tan! I'll leave you with a few cute videos I captured recently. Enjoy!


The Cornwell Family said...

Oh, great photos. Make me miss being with you all, especially watching the videos!

Unknown said...

Adorable videos, what two precious little girls you have. I can't wait to see them in person again (first time for Emerson)--it just seems like it takes forever to get together. :(

Beck-O said...

Nice videos! The last one was pretty stinkin' funny. I hope we can see you guys sometime soon. Glad you posted! :) Love you!