Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Nathan’s First Couple of Days

First of all, I realized in my effort to record his birth story in the last post, I failed to document Nathan’s stats. He was born on 10/17/2011 at sometime around 5:10am (we sort of had to guess at that based on what time it was when we got in the car!). He weighed in at 7 lbs. even and 18” long arriving exactly a week early. The girls were 8 lbs. 2 oz. and 8 lbs. 4 oz. respectively (keep in mind they were 6 and 11 days late, though). I’m excited to have one start off a little smaller and have a little more time in those sweet newborn clothes.

Here’s my last belly shot – most likely ever! This was when we went to the hospital the first time actually expecting to deliver there… How silly of us…P1010323

Nathan had several visitors in his first few days. I didn’t get photos of everyone, so apologies for those I missed:

P1010352 Uncle Stephen

P1010353 Sherri, Mariska and Vincent

P1010355 Destined to be buds, although Tucker doesn’t seem so sure. Ha!

P1010357 Uncle Brad and Aunt Remy with Tucker

P1010358Our adorable door hanger thanks to the adorable shower we had. We got lots of compliments from the hospital staff on it.

P1010359  His going home outfit I made for him. Pretty studly….

P1010360 With Kristi and just above sweet Emery who we’ll meet next week!!

P1010362 With sweet Harper – only 6 months apart but the size difference at this point is stark, eh? :)

P1010364Momma’s boy already. :)

P1010366  Cuddling Daddy is pretty fun, too.

P1010368 Going home Tuesday afternoon! We could have stayed another day, but clearly this guy isn’t a hospital fan. Ha! Actually, we were just all feeling good and ready to get settled back in at home.

P1010369 Our first home visitors – JR and Margie

P1010379 Bitt Bitt, Nash, Shannon and Everley

P1010381 Spending some more time with big sisters


Our first night at home was not awesome. He didn’t settle until after 3am, but he’s done great all day today. I’m optimistic tonight will be better. We shall see! Regardless, we’re loving every second with this precious little man. I’m trying to soak in every moment.

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