Sunday, April 18, 2010

Easter 2010

Yes, I know this is really late. Let’s just say that Easter Sunday in our house had a few hitches, but we still celebrated the resurrection of Jesus! He is risen! Here are some photos of our sweet girls.

We had an Easter Eggstravaganza at church the day before Easter:

04 001

04 002

04 006

Even Daddy had some fun:

04 009

04 011

04 017

04 020

04 022 

She wanted to be a blue bunny. :)

04 023

See how happy we were? At least they were cute.

04 025


Mrs. Brady said...

super sweet little girls! they are beautiful! i miss them terribly...

Beck-O said...
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Beck-O said...

BA-HAHAHAHA! That first picture of them on the I'm-all-dressed-up-for-a-holiday step (hehe) cracks me up. You'd think the Easter Bunny died.

They're too cute! :)

The Cornwell Family said...

Got to love those special holidays in the house, where you just want a nice picture of everyone dressed up and the kids never cooperate! Makes for a great day! The picture of them "so happy" is hilarious!

jocelyn said...

These pictures are great! The girls are so cute, even when they've had rough mornings. :o)