Sunday, May 3, 2009

Emerson's First Birthday Party

So, we're in the house and loving it, but we still have several major projects going on. As such, I wasn't ready to have people come to the house for Em's birthday party. We decided to find a park and do something simple there instead. We found a pretty cool park really near our house, but goodness was it WINDY!!! It was hard to get the table cloths to stay put and get the balloons secured and all that. BUT, we had a great showing with most of our life group able attend and some other great friends and fam in attendance as well. I think despite the wind that everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Emerson was blessed with some ADORABLE outfits and toys. Thanks, as always, to Dad as well for the annual contribution to her college fund. What a HUGE blessing that is to us!!
Here's the birthday girl before the party started. She was really good about leaving that hat on!

There's Brylie looking adorable as always!

Birthday girl decided she didn't want to look at the camera for this one. The rest of us look pretty good, though! :)

Here's her cake - home made as usual. I was up until 1am the night before working on it, so perhaps not my best effort. I'm okay with the results, though. I'm pretty sure Emerson didn't mind!
Here's her little cake that she started with. She wasn't sure what to do at first...

"Perhaps I'll just face plant it..."

"All done, Mom!" Just kidding... Dad brought me the plate when it looked like this and told me she'd finished it. (I was cutting the larger cake for everyone else.) I didn't fall for the joke, though. He ate half of Emma's. Nice try, though.

Her onesie says "I'm a keeper!" She was very happy hanging with Shannon, which wouldn't necessarily have been true of Shannon or anyone else 6 months ago. She's gotten a lot better in the church nursery and at just being social in general. Love it!

"Here, Cookie! Want to try it?"

Sharing with Daddy

Happy girl!

Her signature squishy face

Happy Birthday, Precious Girl!!!


The Cornwell Family said...

Her cake looked great! Makes us wish we could be there for it and all the other "family" parties. Thanks for posting pictures.

jocelyn said...

Wish we could have been there for the party! But it sure was fun celebrating Emerson's birthday (and yours and James's!) earlier. I'm getting ready for some family bonding soon! :o)

Mrs. Brady said...

It's about time you posted something. Everyone looks great! The cake was super cute and Emma is getting so big, I can't even stand it!!

Unknown said...

Looks like fun, you did a good job on the cake I think, I wasn't as brave, we went for store bought for her. I love to see the pictures thanks for keeping me updated. :)