Sunday, November 2, 2008

My Little Cowboy Fans

Hope everyone had a fun, safe Halloween! We had two adorable Dallas Cowboys fans. We went trick or treating with the Alemans and then went over to our church Harvest Festival where Ellie had her first pony ride. It was a fun night. We also got 6 month pictures from Leah back today, so enjoy those as well.

Ellie the cheerleader on her first pony ride!

Lots of people at church didn't even recognize her with her blonde wig!

A pre-Halloween trip to the park in the stroller-mobile

Pretty fall dress

Cheerleader swinging

Our sweet little football

Dallas Cowboys fan


jocelyn said...

What cuties! We had so much fun with them on Saturday!

Woodbury Family said...

Ok, first I love your new blog header! :) Second, the girls look so cute in their Cowboy attire!! Third, I love the studio pictures!!! :)

Beck-O said...

They are SO BIG! Good grief! Make them stop! ;)

Those pictures are great. The girls are beautiful!

The Cornwell Family said...

Very nice pictures! And so cute! Ellie is getting so big. When she is next to Emma, you can really tell. :) Love those 6 months ones of Emma!

How do you make those blog headers?

Unknown said...

Wow! How adorable! Those costumes are the best and the professional photos are awesome, such pretty girls you have! :)

Jessica and Matt said...

Look how precious!!! I love all the pics!!! And what a cute idea - the cheerleader and the football! SO CUTE!