Friday, May 9, 2008

Fun with Ellie

We have a great indoor pool in Allen (and to someone I love who shall remain nameless, they call such places Natatoriums). We took Ellie there the other day to play while Emerson slept and I finished her cross stitch. (I'll take a photo of the cross stitch once we have it framed.) Anyway, we took some photos for you to see how much fun she had - and how cute she is in her little swimsuit!

I also had my first outing with both girls yesterday to a fun park also in Allen. We met up with my friends from church and had a picnic lunch and let the kids play. Getting both girls fed at the same time was a little challenging, but we did it! They both came back in one piece, so it was a success. It was fun hanging out with the other moms (and dad) and kids, too. I wish we'd taken a group photo, but alas... We were too busy chasing kids around, I guess. Enjoy the photos!

Here's the whole toddler structure. Ellie goes down the slide by herself and LOVES it!

All of those steering wheels turn the water spouts on and off. How fun for the little ones!

This photo was taken before we let the kids loose in the water. Can you tell that they're all itching to go in the water?! LOL.

So, I finally let Ellie go in the water in her jeans and t-shirt (poor thing). She loved it, but she was so funny when she was done. She didn't like the feeling of the wet clothes on her, so she'd just stand there kind of whining holding her arms out. I finally had to go grab her by the hand to get her to walk to where I could change her into dry clothes. Too funny! Glad I had a change of clothes with me, or I would have had a little statue the rest of the afternoon!


Beck-O said...

Daniel and I just laughed out loud at that last part. That park looks so neat! What a brave little niece I have, going down the slide all by herself. Love you all!

Mrs. Brady said...

A mule?

Ellie is adorable. Too bad her mom is a pain in the butt. :)