Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The Photos

All the kids swimming in the Cornwell backyard

Mama and Ellie on July 4th

The whole bunch on 7/4

Sweet girl...

Reagan and Ryan ready to get candy at the parade.

Mamas and Babies

Ellie and Riley bathing

All the kiddies ready for bed

Goofy kiddies

Pretty girl

Sitting in the grass

Cheeky smile

Silly face

Blowing kisses (okay, she really wasn't, but she knows how, ok?!)


Yep, she's big enough to go down this slide - by herself!

Classic Ellie... "I'm playing here...did you need something?"

Sweet face...

She may not look happy, but she sure looks cute, right?

Fun in the pool!

Kisses for Mama! My favorite!!


Anonymous said...

MORE MORE!!!! I want to see more photos! Wow. She is just toooooo cute! I always think my Livi is the cutest little girl around, but Ellie is a VERY close tie!! :) I love the photos of all the Wiebe/Cornwell gang. ahhhh.... miss y'all. Sorry I have done a terrible job at keeping in touch. Thanks for posting photos so we can see how your daughter is growing and changing. I LOVE the sepia photo of her on your profile. SOOOO precious! Oh, and be thankful she isn't walking! I know I was wanting Jake to walk before he did, but life really does change (get harder) when they start walking! livi is into all of Jake's stuff now... much to his dispair!!

The Cornwell Family said...

OH...the photos look great! She is still as cute as ever. We had a wonderful time with you guys too!! Sure made us miss all the old times together.

Beck-O said...

Those pictures are amazing! I'm glad you put a bunch on there! *hint* More! *hint* :) I wish I could see all of you in person! Ellie is growing up so fast! Make her slow down!

ThePoeFam said...

Precious pics! I love her sweet curls!